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Have you ever wanted to travel to ancient Egypt time?

Egyptian Sun


One of the two obelisks of Tutmosis III was brought to Konstantinopel and erected in 390, but it broke

during the mounting and only 20 m of the original 32 meters were put in place. The

responsible Egyptian master was buried in the region and rests since more than 1600 years in the darkness.

Maybe a talented team with the help of the Epytptian Sun can help him to find finally peace.

Are you ready to save the world from a natural disaster?

Meteor 007



4 big cities of the world have been struck by meteorites! The collision of the 5th and biggest meteor is very close and has been calculated to hit London. The British Secret Service has established a Mini-Aerospacebase in 1998 at Taksim/Istanbul. This old fashioned ist the last and only chance to influence the rota of the meteor with the right coordinates.

You can save the world! Come in and scramble!

Your search for a secret message in the house of a crazy artists!

Magic Star


Our world lives diversity, in every moment it is different with our eyes wide open. Bright moments, dark moments, courageous & playful places. Step-in to world of the crazy artist Barış near Tünel/Istiklâl Cad. He rents his apartment for 63 minutes to you do discover his secret message inside.


Come and join us in our game rooms in

Taksim/Istanbul with a real live game experience


Come with your friends and partner, to share unforgettable memories.

Come with your companies and foreign guests, to learn more about yourself.

Come to have fun and build up some memorable impressions.

Widen your world.


You will spend an unforgettable story

with full of surprises, mystery,

laughter and excitement.

Come in and play!


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